Caesars Animal Hotel Limited

About Us

Here at Caesars we are a small family run business that offers you peace of mind whilst on holiday that your pet is being loved and cared for as one of our family.

We have a fully refurbished site that opened on the 21st May 2011 and are continually keeping  the site up to our high standard.  We have had rave reviews since opening.  We offer clean, warm and cosy units for both your dogs and cats.  

We currently have 34 Kennels of varying sizes and 12 Cat Chalets. All units have heating, lighting, 24hr radio for that homely ambience and outdoor runs.

We require cats and dogs to be fully vaccinated and up to date with their annual boosters.  We also require dogs to have had the Kennel Cough vaccination at least 10 days before their stay.

We pride ourselves with bonding with your pet and giving them around the clock care, attention and fuss.  As they are all vaccinated they are more likely to catch kennel cough from the local park, likewise with cat flu.