Caesars Animal Hotel Limited

The Cattery and Staff Room

NEW for April 2018, we have recently completed the outside cattery facelift to match the inside revamp that we completed in July 2016, We offer your cat all the home comforts they are used to.  Radios are on 24 hours a day.  They can sit with us on the sofa and watch TV at night.  Heated in the winter months or cold nights.  All duplex units have individual south facing outdoor areas for the day time so they can sit and sunbathe with sun chairs, scratching posts and rugs.  All units are furnished with cat houses, toys, beds and bedding is also supplied. 

£8.00 per day for 1 cat in an individual unit

£16 per day for 2 cats sharing 2 interlocking units

£24 per day for 3 cats sharing 3 interlocking units

Prices are for standard food such as Whiskers, Felix, Purina One, Go Cat etc.  If your cat requires specialist foods such as hypo-allergenic, sensitive etc. or Veterinary foods such as Hills Science Plan or Royal Canin, please feel free to bring your own. 

Cats are fed twice a day.  Biscuits are available throughout the day and Dreamies are provided at lunchtime. 

Calm diffusers are used in the cattery which provide appeasing pheromones.

Please note that the purpose brick built cattery unit stands alone away from the kennels.

Outside View of Cattery

Airy outdoor runs with rugs & climbing scratchers and Patio Chairs

Cat's TV Room

All Spacious Duplex Chalets are heated, have cat trees /scratchers & Toys