Caesars Animal Hotel Limited

 Caesars are fully licensed by Amber Valley Borough Council (Licence No. 17/06193/ANIWEL/DOG/CAT to Mr P and Mrs C Marshall) and are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

All dogs and cats staying at Caesars are required to have had their full vaccinations and are up to date with their annual boosters. We require sight of the vaccination card before any pet is admitted. Should you have lost your card your vet can supply you with a duplicate.

All dogs staying at Caesars are required to have had the kennel cough vaccine.   We recommend that this is administered at least 10 days before your dog is due to stay at Caesars.

Caesars do not participate in any relocation schemes and do not take in stray dogs therefore you can be assured that your pets will only be in contact with other fully vaccinated pets from similar homes.

Caesars provide everything required for your pet’s stay but we encourage you to bring your pets favourite toys/snuggy blankets or anything that will make your pet’s stay more comfortable.  

Please note we charge by the day or part thereof, which includes day of arrival and day of departure. However, as a gesture of good will we do not charge for day of departure for collections made before 11am. 

Please only book the dates required, please do not book extra days in case of a delay in flight.  We have contingency plans in place to allow for this and this takes up a valued place for other dogs wishing to board with Caesars.  Should you do this, it will invalidate our gesture of “good will policy” and the day of departure will be charged for regardless of whether it is before 11am or not..

Please ensure that all dogs are brought in on a secure collar and lead and that cats are brought in a secure cat box or basket.  We ask that where possible on the day of arrival you bring your pet in no later than 4pm in order that they can be settled and get used to their new environment before teatime.


In the event that a booking is shortened during the period of stay,   you will be charged for the full duration of the original period booked.   

Should you wish to collect earlier than your booked period, then we require prior telephone notification as the gate is locked when all arrivals and departures for that day have taken place.


If you cancel a stay with us, any future bookings during the School, Summer and Bank Holiday periods will require a 3 day non-refundable deposit.  Booking dates will not be confirmed until the deposit is received.

Should you cancel two bookings consecutively then any bookings already taken will not be honoured unless full payment is made in advance.                                      Payment by Cash or Cheque only