Caesars Animal Hotel Limited


We provide your pet with indoor heated kennels and cattery together with outdoor runs for both dogs and cats.

Our Kennels provide baskets, vet bedding, toys, rugs, treats, 24 hour radio, heating and we feed all our dog boarders with a standard range of brand named meats and mixers included in our daily rates. 

We are happy to supply specialist foods such as Royal Canin, Hills Science, Hypo-allergenic, Dietary, Sensitive etc. but this will increase our daily rates appropriately. 

We take the dogs on a minimum of THREE individual walks a day, morning, noon and night.

Our Cattery is of brick construction with central heating and provides your cat with all home comforts, baskets, vet bedding, cat trees and scratchers, 24 hour radio together with individual south facing outdoor sun terraces equipped with a sun chair, rug and climbing frames for the purrfect lazy afternoons.  We provide a range of brand name meats and biscuits.  Where possible we will source your cat's preferred meal ** (mice not included!). 


As part of our commitment to one to one care we do not partake in work placements, voluntary or apprenticeship schemes which ensures the animals are at ease with their surroundings at all times.

Unlike other Kennels we do not offer the option of showing your pets online or giving you the option of talking to them via facebook as after taking legal advice, we feel that this is a breech of security, letting people with not such scrupulous beliefs know where your animal is staying!


** excludes dietary, sensitive & allergenic feeds