Caesars Animal Hotel Limited

Floss & Daisy aka Flossticles & Daisy Duke

Dear Aunty Cate and Uncle Pete

Daisy Duke and I would like to write a review for your website ..

When Mummy and Daddy tell us we’re coming to you for our holidays we get really excited.  As soon as we arrive at Caesars we jump out of the car and race to you for a cuddle. You always take us for a walk as soon as we get there, even if it’s raining.  We don’t like the rain very much!  We love staying with you and you give us lots of cuddles.   When Daisy gets tired on a walk, Aunty Cate sometimes carries her.  She’s such a wimp sometimes ( no, I don’t mean Aunty Cate).  When Mummy and Daddy come to pick us up at the end of our holiday, we’re excited to see them, but we always give Aunty Cate and Uncle Pete a lick and a cuddle before we leave.   They look after us really well and Mummy and Daddy say they’re really glad they found Caesar’s Kennels when we moved to Belper.  They say they would never use anywhere else.

Licks, cuddles and love from Flossticles and Daisy Duke xxx

21st April 2018

Teddy & Barney

Pete & Cate do a fantastic job of looking after our boys! You are both lovely people who we trust our crazy paid with! We will always use your services and recommend you to friends and family! Thank youx

Leanna, Lee and Baby Violet Bannister

14th May 2016


Just a quick message to say thank you for looking after Solomon this last week, he's been a happy boyl  He's currently snoozing on the bed !!

Annabel Froggatt

16th May 2016


August 16, 2013
To Pete and Cate,

Just wanted to thank you both for looking after Maisie so well for us.

We were so lucky to find Caesars after searching for a really special place to leave Maisie.  It has been so nice to have peace of mind whilst on holliday and know she is being cared for and loved.

We could see how much she had settled and warmed to your friendliness.  Thanks again.  We will definately be returning (if we feel we can leave her again!!)

Donna, Duncan, Jordanne, Jack and Maisie


July 30, 2013

To Cate and Pete,

Thank you for looking after Mica

Mica, Mrs Siddall and Family
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June 25, 2013

To Pete and Cate

Thank you for looking after me


Ps. See you soon, Missing the fields already !!!
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Eddie & Mizzy

June 21, 2013

Just to say thank you very much for looking after us Eddie & Mizzy xxx
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June 21, 2013

Thank you so much for looking after me, Georgie x
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June 21, 2013

May 13 - To Cate and Pete, Thank you for looking after Mica from Mrs Siddall an Family
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Fraggle & Munchkin

September 13, 2012
Hi Cate & Pete

Just wanted to say a really big thank you for taking such fantastic care of Fraggle and Munchkin again, they came back full of beans and looking great. They really do love coming to you.

See you soon and take care

Kelly John Reuben Olivia Fraggle and Munchkin

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September 8, 2012
Hi, Just to say thanks for looking after Oliver so well. He has been a super fussy boy since we got back and we can tell he has been happy and well cared for.He looks all rested and has put some weight back on which is a relief since the "huge ginger tom attacks" really took it out of him. Many apologies about his manners and going on a food strike until you crumbled to his loud shouty demands for "MEAT, I WANT MEAT"...we have had words with him but knowing Olly puss he will always do his own...

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February 13, 2012

Hi Cate & Pete

Just want to say a big thanks again for looking after Lola last week for us. I knew she’d have fun in the snow with you.

She’s always so happy when we pick her up, which tells us how well you’ve looked after her.

See you again in May

Lisa, Vaughan & Lola J

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October 11, 2011
Thank you for all your help and support through what has been a tough time.  It was made much easier knowing Petal was well looked after and happyl.  We will definately come visit again!!!
Best Wishes Leigh, Mrs Walton and of course Petal x.
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