Caesars Animal Hotel Limited

 Pepe and Bella (The Jacks) were born on 10th March 2008 and were 11 this year although they still act like Puppies.  They are brother and sister and were born in the Breacon Beacons, Wales and come from working stock, hence the fact that they are legally docked and chipped and very very headstrong.  As anyone with Jacks will know, they are a breed that take a lot of hard work and training.  We have had them since they were 8 weeks old fetching them from Wales on the 10th May 2008.  Pepe and Bella have still not decided who is "top dog" and I don't think they ever will - both think they are in charge!


When the Jacks went for their annual health checks and boosters, we were congratulated by the Vet on  how fit and muscular they are (Pete says they must take after their Dad ha ha!!)

Pepe has recently started to become a bit of a daddy's boy wanting cuddles all the time, whereas Bella has started to bark a lot, which she didn't use to, and wants to play ball in the garden more!  Pepe has become a bit of a wuss in that he is now scared of the rain and the gazebo when it is windy whereas Bella is still hard as nails and nothing phases her !!